Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ready to go...

Last day in San Fransisco,

Will miss it after almost 3 weeks.

Today was Thanksgiving, so almost everything was closed, except Chinatown. Did some last minute shopping for the family.

At noon I went together with Barron to Twin Peaks (no not the location of the movie) to have a magnificent view on San Fransisco and the environment. I'll post pictures later.

Afterwards had a superb Chinese dinner with Barron and Petra. Thx to both of you for the fantastic hosts you were during my stay.

In th evening, I went to see "the Fountain".

Just wonderfull movie, a real must see picture. A lot of the Graphic Novel by Kent Williams is intergrated in the film, a lot of Barron's influence can be seen "Finish it" being the most obvious one.

Tomorrow off to New York Again.
Meeting Jeffrey (Catherine) Jones on Saturday and afterwards of to Renee to talk the preparation of the show.
Current idea would be to have a show Amsterdam / Brussels / Paris, or three artists three European Capitals. Brussels and Paris should be OK, only waiting for a reply from Amsterdam.

I'll go to sleep now, need to wake up at 3.00am to catch the plane.
Just a quick picture of my last Comic Art find
A very nice Heinrich Kley

Till later


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