Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interview with the Artists !!!

Some interesting article based on an interview which had place during the show.

Michael, Joe and Teddy debating the future of US comics.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Good News...

The books are finally arriving at their destinations.

It was a close call as Barron had to leave for a 3 week workshop in Ecuador (I hear from Petra that he's doing great over there - who would have expected something else ?)

There's also a new article on a superb blog - please check it out

There might be more coming up on this one.

And yes, reprinting Marat Sade is still on the project planning :)

Finally a picture of Barron Storey and Kent Williams at Ape - was fun having you around !!!


SickBed Blues - Graphic Novel Art - the next Generation

What's next ?
SickBed Blues - an autobiographical Graphic Novel (the real one) by one of Barron's students Koak.

Very expressive, black and white (all pen and ink) work which just blew my mind away.

I just received some modifications Koak did to her first pages of Sickbed Blues. While the first pages were already superb, the latest adjustments allow litterally to flow from one page to the next without any stop !!!

Just superb !!!
This will be my next pet project, hopefully ready with a high quality teaser by San Diego 2007.
Kind Regards & thx for the great support


Monday, May 7, 2007

Some more details on the show

Some people requested a bit more details on the program of the artists.

After their visit to Paris and Breda, they are having some free time in Amsterdam.

They will be back in Brussels on Friday 11th of May for a signing session at BrĂ¼sel from 15.00 till 18.00 with all 3 artists

On Saturday 12th of May we'll open the exhibition with original art of the 3 artists (all for sale) + some top pieces out of my private collection (sorry not for sale). This will be combined with a signing session at Mekanik Strip in Antwerp from 15.00 till 18.00.

And finally on Sunday 13th of May there is a last chance to see Joe, Michael and Teddy in action at the Comic Convention at Ganshoren