Friday, April 27, 2007

Graphic Novel Art Expo 2007 !!!

We're almost there !!!

Joe and Michael arrive next wednesday in Brussels and Teddy will fly in on Friday 11th of May.

We'll take our US guests first to Paris for two days of signings (4th and 5th of May) in the "Diable Blanc"

Then they are off to the flatlands of Holland to sign on sunday 6th of May in Breda - "De Dobbelsteen"

On Friday the 11th the full crew of 3 artists start their Belgian tour in Brussels - "Brusel" combined with a miniature exhibition, to be followed by the grand opening of the Graphic Novel Art Expo 2007 in "Mekanik" Antwerp on saturday 12th of May.

There will be more then 50 pieces of original art on display from our 3 top artists !!!

Finally, on sunday 13th of May, they will be signing at the Ganshoren comic festival before they return back home on the 14th.

Hope you'll be able to make it, if not we expect to have the new site up and running again by the time of the opening.



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sold out !!!

No not all books are sold, there are still some left for you ;)

But ALL books which I managed to bring along to APE sold !!!

Really happy with the first contact with the fans !!!

Barron was also on cloud 9 with his new baby - he always kept showing people the original journal and the printed version to prove how little difference there is.

Unfortunately my digital camera has issues, and I'm not able to show you pictures now... maybe in the near future.

Many thanks to Allen Spiegel and his team for helping us during this weekend.

And many, many thanks to all those fans which showed up at APE.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ready for APE !!!

It's almost 12pm, and need to be in the airport at 4am.

Just packed 60 hardcovers and 30 limited editions for a total of over 50kg, ready to go to APE. We'll be at Allen Spiegel Fina Arts booth #318.

They are just wonderfull !!!

Everything is fine except the slipcase which was not yet ready. The few limited editions we will offer on sale there will be sold without slipcase, which will be sent afterwards to the owners address (it's cheaper then sending a 600gr book from Belgium).

We'll also offer the possibility to pre-order the book in case all the books are sold out (which we all hope).

I'm going to bed now for a short sleep, and hope to see you at APE !!!



Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're getting our first interviews !!!

Have a look at Bill Bakers Dozen

for a first interview on the making of the book and the art of Barron



It's Done !!!!!!!!

The first books are coming back from the binder. I've not seen them yet (they're back at the printer as we still need to cut the jackets and get the sizing right for the slipcase), but apparently they look great.

First thing in the morning I'm jumping into my car to see them !!!

So it looks we'll have them ready for APE !!!

Friday with a lot of overweight on the plane to San Fransisco - Hope to see some you there !!!

Regards & thx for the support


Friday, April 13, 2007

Set of 6 ex-libris high quality prints

We've decided to also publish a set of 6 luxury prints, printed on high quality 250gr curious paper. The run is limited to 70 sets. Each set is signed and numbered by Barron. This set will only be available directly from Barron at $39/set.

Below you'll find a picture of an uncut sheet with the 6 prints. The final version will be presented in a very nice translucent envelope.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested in purchasing a set.



Getting closer...

Just to post some pictures of a mock-up with the final jacket. Notice the glossy finish over the middle square on the front and the hand on the back ? Hard to see on picture, but very nice when you see it live.

The pages are with the binder, and the book should be ready next wednesday/thursday. Still need to get all flaps wrapped around the hardcover version, get the ex-libris into the limited edition and into the slipcase and hopefully get it all together for my plane to San Fransisco Friday morning !!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

The prefect print

Today we printed the all the interior pages of "Life After Black". Ten hours permanent reviewing of test prints with the originals, adjusting and re-adjusting till we were happy that the printed version was as close as technically possible to the original.

Personally I believe that the team at the printer did a fantastic job, but I will let you - future reader - be the final judge.

Tomorrow, we print the covers and the dustjacket and then she (A Journal handled by Barron must be female) is off to the binder...

A long but very gratifying day

Kind Regards