Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ready for APE !!!

It's almost 12pm, and need to be in the airport at 4am.

Just packed 60 hardcovers and 30 limited editions for a total of over 50kg, ready to go to APE. We'll be at Allen Spiegel Fina Arts booth #318.

They are just wonderfull !!!

Everything is fine except the slipcase which was not yet ready. The few limited editions we will offer on sale there will be sold without slipcase, which will be sent afterwards to the owners address (it's cheaper then sending a 600gr book from Belgium).

We'll also offer the possibility to pre-order the book in case all the books are sold out (which we all hope).

I'm going to bed now for a short sleep, and hope to see you at APE !!!



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