Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catching up... visit to Jeff Jones - dinner with Michael Golden

Just a quick one to keep you up to date

Last Saturday finally managed to meet one of my favourite artists Jeff Jones. Drove up early in the morning to his place North of New York and arrived at 9.00 am.

After a bit of searching finally found the appartment of Catherine (the artists formely know as Jeff Jones - inside joke from Jeff himself).

Honesty obliges me to inform you that Catherine is still struggling with the aftermath of her depression and has to cope on a regular basis with anxiety attacks. So please do not ask me for her address - I'll keep it a trade secret.

Introduced Catherine to the work of Belgian painter Leon Spilliaert via the book of the exibition which currently runs in Brussels. After that Catherine showed me the work she's recently finished (Wading - see picture + currently on ebay )

It's one of the few recent paintings with a human figure predominantly on the canvas. Catherine explained that she still feels pretty unsure to paint the human form, and prefers to stick to landscapes at this point in time. But for sure this painting is a hopefull indication of things to come. (I noticed a couple of empty canvasses some of them already off larger dimension)

I really hope she'll beat her demons and finds back the confidence of the past. But for sure it's looking good. Thank you Catherine for your hospitality, it was a pleasure meeting you.

After my visit to Jones, went back to New York for some early Christmas shopping and dinner with Renee & Michael Golden. Next to discussing some topics regarding the upcoming show. Needless to say that the dinner and the Bourbon afterwards were big fun :)

I'll keep you updated on the progress



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