Saturday, November 18, 2006

New York New York !!!

What a day !!! and what a night !!!

Packed like sardines in a can, flew overnight from San Fransisco to New York. Did not close an eye and arrived without sleep 6.40am at JFK.

Went straight to the Club Quarter hotel downdown near Wall street and I got a penthouse on the 21st floor !!! Expected to have a great view of the city... but when I looked outside, only saw higher skyscapers...

Bye Bye view ;)

Took a shower, quick breakfast and went of to visit Michael Kaluta.

Super experience !!! Very warm welcome by an awesome artist. He lives 5 high in a beautyfull appartment without an elevator. Keeps him fit.

Michael's studio still looks like on this picture. Very dense with lot's of material for inspiration.

Michael showed me an avalanche of art, both recent as "Studio" stuff. Just too nice to describe. So I've just put a couple of pictures in this blog.

The "Metropolis" piece on top has found a new owner - me !!!

You've no idea how happy I am. Thanks a lot Michael !!!

I've also bought some more recent pieces but that will be posted later on my CAF gallery.

Michael also showed me the "Stealer of Souls" piece - a real stunner !!!

I'm certainly going back to visit Michael... or maybe, he'll come over to Belgium, as he agreed to participate in the Graphic Novel Art 2007 show !!!

After the visit to Michael, I went to the NY Big Apple con . Was my first US comics convention, and have to say that the atmosphere was very particular :)

I Managed to meet Michael Golden,, who also agreed to come to Belgium !!! It's starting to look good.

After the convention, a quick nap and then back into town to meet Ted McKeever (and lovely wife) and Kasra Ghanbari. A nice diner at "Empires dinner" and a long walk throughout New York by night. Ted was the perfect guide. Thx a lot Ted !!! Hope to see you and your family soon again.

Till later


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