Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tarot: An artists' vision of the future

What happens when you ask an artist to predict his own future when presented with a Tarot card ? That's the question I've asked to 10 of the most talented comic and illustration artists of these times.

Sam Kieth, David Mack, Ashley Wood, Barron Storey, Jeff Faerber, Tin, Mike Dringenberg, Miran Kim, John Watkiss and Joshua Hagler all participated in this project
The result is a myriad of styles and themes, full with personal associations, interpretations, frustrations, creatuvity... but all generating superb and colorfull art.

Opening on Thursday 27th of May; 18.00 at

Not for the faint of heart as we will be burning original comic art at the request of one of the artists. We'll also have someone draw Tarot cards in order to predict the future of this exhibition.

Signing session with David Mack, Barron Storey, Mike Dringenberg, Miran Kim, Jeff Faerber & Joshua Hagler at as of 15.00


dako243 said...

"...burning original art" What? I'm
intrigued. Best of luck with the show, Carl!

spacedlaw said...

I saw the exhibition at Petits Papiers last week and it was great!