Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marat Sade Journals are back

We finally did it !!!

The Marat Sade Journals
are back !!!

The ultimate re-edition
136pages on nice 140gr paper
Reconstructed from the original Barron Storey journals
Introduction by David Mack

Marat Sade as it should be published

Normal Hardcover US$ 39

Limited Slipcase edition - Numbered (#100)

signed by Barron

A real collectors item

US$ 129

Launch at APE San Fransisco

October 17
Order your copy now !!!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Truly impressive!!!

Are there any new pages added (in addition to the intro by D. Mack)?


Carl Wyckaert said...

There's a very revealing afterword by Barron and an extra drawing by Dave McKean.

Key changes are the quality of the printinig, the page and the binding giving it the look and feel of a real Barron journal.

Hope you'll enjoy this edition


Rhomany said...


davidmackguide said...

Looks awesome! Will the book be available through Diamond Comics or is the book a store exclusive?

Can't wait to dive into the book :)

David Thornton >>

brian cognazzo said...

The post says order now. How do I do that there is no link?

Carl Wyckaert said...

We've no confirmation yet from Diamond. Limited edition will always be via Barron and me. Best way to order is to send me a mail at

Many thx for your interest


Inkstuds said...

Hey Carl, I am getting a friend of mine to pick up a copy for me at Ape. Can't wait to see it.

I should talk to Barron about doing another interview one day.